About Us

Reyhana Story

Reyhana is one of MENA Gate brands specialized in producing Halal oriental dairy products and foodstuffs that provide the original savor discovered by our ancestors and inherited through generations, combined with dedicated research and studies, to deliver the maximum nutritional value to our sincere clients.

The mindset that leads our operations and continuous development puts it clearly: “A try of our products for the first time should induce consumers to stuck to them forever”. We translate this passionate mentality by using highly sophisticated technologies, equipment, and processes in compliance with international standards of health, safety, and hygiene while preserving the authentic taste rendered by the hand-held skills that our clients and we enjoyed from our childhood.

Reyhana started in 2014 in the Turkish market introducing over 20 products that include a variety of Cheese, Ghee, Labneh, Halva, and other dairy products manufactured inside a private factory in the rural and pure environment of Kahramanmaras. Since health is invaluable, Reyhana has always taken into account the international food safety standards and obtained the following certificates of quality: OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. We are also distinguished by requiring high hygiene standards and conditions from our suppliers and by choosing trusty sources of fresh cow’s milk.

Reyhana is currently serving more than 5500 retailers and is expanding constantly and seek to satisfy the needs of its customers and exceeds their expectations in all of the Middle East and Arab Gulf Countries as well as the African continent.



Healthy Food

We adhere to the highest international standards 100% We manufacture the best types of products using the latest technology and according to the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization


We serve the community with healthy and nutritious dairy products that transfer the original taste and ancestral savor to the new generations making the breakfast table a great place to start every day.