Shelal Cheese

A salty white cheese made up of extra elastic strands of cheese braided together. This cheese available in two flavours: plain or with black seeds. Used frequently in Middle East cuisine.

Available in:
250 g/ 500 g Vacuum Bags
1.2 kg/ 3 kg Plastic Containers
6 kg/ 10 kg Plastic Bucket

Musanra Cheese

A very popular type of cheeses that have been known since ancient times. Musanra is made from cow’s fresh milk and then boiled with hot water.

Available in:
500 g Vacuum Bag
1.5 Kg Plastic Container
3.5 Kg/ 6 Kg Bucket

Fresh Cheese

A soft white cheese, similar to cottage cheese, made from cow’s milk, salt and rennet. It has a soft, intense texture and slightly salty taste.

Available in:
7 kg Plastic Bucket
14 kg Plastic Bucket

Akkawi Cheese

High quality of white cheese made by experts according to methods and techniques that respect and render the origin savour. Akkawi cheese used in stuffing oriental sweets as Kunafa and pies.

Available in 14 Kg Plastic Bucket

Village Cheese

Natural white cheese made from fresh milk.

It can be consumed directly on breakfast or added to sandwiches or salad. Recommended for family consumption, quickly digested and can be easily served.

Available in Plastic Bucket 8 Kg

Cream Cheese

Soft and smoothie cheese preferred by all ages. It contains nutrients necessary for the growth of bodies, such as proteins, minerals and calcium. It renders a very distinguished taste when paired with whole wheat bread and it’s preferred to make healthy sandwiches.

Available in:
170 g Plastic Container
400 g Plastic Container

Dessert Cheese

Reyhana dessert cheese is a special kind of cheese that is produced especially for dessert and sweets. It can be used to prepare famous pastries like Kunafe, Cake, and other stuffed dessert.

Available in 500 g Vacuum Bag

Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi is a kind of white salty-flavoured cheese with a distinctive layered texture similar to mozzarella. It can be used as an ingredient in salads, or simply grilled and served with vegetables

Available in 500 g Vacuum Bag

Kashkawan Cheese

It is a kind of cheddar cheese with a sallow colour. It is made from cow’s milk.

Kashkawan cheese is rich in lipids and full of calcium which provides excellent nutrition for the growth of the body.

Available in:
400 g Vacuum Bag
1 Kg Vacuum Bag

Mozzarella Cheese

The famous mozzarella is a perfect type of cheese that is used on top of an Italian pizza, especially with its semi-elastic texture when heated by high temperature. It pairs well with tomato slices.

Available in:
400 g Vacuum Bag
1 Kg Vacuum Bag

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